Global Analysis of PELDOR/DEER data

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GloPel and SimPel

Welcome to the home of GloPel and SimPel, two programs for global analysis and simulation of PELDOR/DEER data, respectively.

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Features at a glance

  • analysis and processing tools for PELDOR/DEER data
  • advanced global analysis of PELDOR/DEER data
  • extensive validation of analysis
  • graphical user interface (GUI, screenshots)
  • support for Bruker file formats
  • written in Python
  • cross-platform (Windows, Linux, macOS, binaries available)
  • free and open source (license)


GloPel and SimPel are made available free of charge and open source. However, if you use one of these programs for analysing your data, please cite the following reference:

Stephan Rein, Philipp Lewe, Susana L. Andrade, Sylwia Kacprzak, Stefan Weber
Global analysis of complex PELDOR time traces
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 295 (2018) 17–26 (online)

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