Global Analysis of PELDOR/DEER data

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GloPel Download

GloPel is available free of charge and open source (see license). We recommend everybody with a recent Python installation on their computers to download the source code and use it.

The precompiled binaries for macOS will be available within the next couple of days.

However, sometimes it is more convenient to have precompiled binaries available. We are planning to make one-click binary distributions of GloPel available on this site for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Please note: These versions are much harder to debug if something goes wrong, therefore, they are provided as is without any further support.

Binaries for Windows have been built with Windows 7 and a Python installation consisting of Python Python 3.5, numpy 1.11.3+mkl, scipy 0.19.0, matplotlib 2.1.2, and PyQt5 5.8.2. They are known to work under Windows 7 and 10 and both, 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the operating system

Download Windows Binary

Binaries for macOS have been built with macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) and a Python installation consisting of Python 3.6, matplotlib 2.0.0, PyQt 5.8.2, and cvxopt 1.1.9.

Download macOS Binary

Binaries for Linux have been built with Ubuntu 14.04 and a Python installation consisting of Python 3.5, numpy 1.13.0, scipy 0.19.0, matplotlib 2.2.2, cvxopt 1.1.9, and PyQt5 5.10.1.

Download Linux Binary

A note on how these binaries have been created: Thanks to PyInstaller, it is rather straightforward to create binary distributions of Python programs, both as directories with all the necessary files contained as well as single-file executables.

Similar to cx_freeze, PyInstaller allows to define additional options in a “spec” file. This file is included in the sources available. To get a one-file binary, it was called simply as follows:

pyinstaller --onefile setup.spec
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